Purpose of the Consortium
  • If you are an undergraduate, degree-seeking student who is enrolled full time at your institution, but you need to take a course that is not offered at your institution, you may apply to complete that course at another consortium school.
  • The consortium agreement helps you proceed toward graduation without interruption in your degree progression due to limited course availability on your home campus.
Course Selection
  • Course selection is limited to courses NOT offered at the home institution. If you have a question about which courses you may take, please contact the registrar’s office at your home institution.
  • A student may not enroll at the Graduate level.
  • Internships, independent studies, study abroad coursework, directed readings, and continuing education courses are excluded from registration.
  • Only courses that can be posted for academic credit on the Home institution’s transcript (at the minimum for elective credit) will be approved for registration.
  • A student must take courses for regular grades (A, B, C, etc.). The student may not elect special grade type options such as pass/no credit, or audit for courses through GCC registration unless course is solely graded in this manner.
  • Courses at a host institution are subject to space availability.
  • Students must adhere to the add/drop dates of the host institution.
Registration and Fees
  • Tuition for courses taken at the host institution will be waived.
  • Related additional fees (music, art supplies, etc.) are the responsibility of the student, to be paid to the host institution
Credit/Grade Transfer 
  • The actual grade you earn will be applied to the transcript of the Home Institution. The Host Institution will send official transcripts for students enrolled in the GCC to their Home Institutions at the conclusion of the semester attended.
  • If you have a financial hold on your account, your transcripts will not be sent.
  • Credit will be considered transfer credit and will not be calculated in your GPA.
Policies and Regulations
  • Calendar: GCC students must adhere to the Academic Calendar that is in place at the Host Institution. If you drop or withdraw, you must also notify your Home Institution.
  • Access to Facilities:  GCC students will have access to all facilities required for the course(s) for which registration is approved and enrollment is processed.
  • Club/Intramural Sports: Students participating in the Greater Charlotte Consortium at UNC Charlotte are prohibited from participating in club sports or intramural sports. This change is in effect for Fall 2020 and future semesters.
  • Jurisdiction: GCC students shall be governed by the calendars, appropriate rules, regulations, academic policies and student’s code of conduct, grading and disciplinary policies of the Host institution while in attendance there. Should a question of jurisdiction arise in connection with this policy, it will be answered by the responsible officers of the Host and Home institution.
  • Parking: Any required parking fee is the responsibility of the student.