What is the home institution?

  • The home institution is the school where you are enrolled full time.

What is the host institution?

  • The host institution is the school which offers a course that is not available at your home institution.

What is the GCC?

  • GCC stands for Greater Charlotte Consortium. It is an agreement to allow students to take classes at another institution when the class is not offered at the student's home institution. The agreement provides for a smooth transfer of credits and progress toward degree completion.

What schools are members of the consortium?

Can I take courses at a school that is not in the GCC?

  • No. This agreement only includes the schools who are members of the consortium.

Can I take graduate classes at another institution?

  • No, a student may not enroll at the Graduate level.

Can I take a Pass/Fail Course at another institution?

  • You may not elect special grade type options such as pass/no credit, or audit for courses through GCC registration unless the course is solely graded in this manner.

To whom do I pay tuition for the course taken at another institution?

  • Tuition for courses taken at the host institution will be waived. Related additional fees (music, art supplies, etc.) are the responsibility of the student, to be paid to the host institution if charged.

How and when will my course credit transfer?

  • The Host Institution will send official transcripts of the students enrolled in the GCC to the Home Institutions at the conclusion of the semester. Credit will be applied as transfer credit and will not be calculated in the student’s GPA.

Who is eligible for the program?

How do I apply to take credits at another institution?

Do I need a parking pass for both institutions?

  • If a parking pass is required for campus parking, you are required to purchase the pass at the host institution.

Can I take classes in the summer?

  • No, summer enrollment is not allowed.